21 February, 2012

Paliton Beach

After visiting Siquijor's Church and its Bell Tower, we asked Noel to bring us to where we could see the sunset and so headed to Paliton Beach.  

The best thing about this Beach was its privacy.  It was such a secluded beach that there were only two couples there when we arrived.  

The sun was about to set when I laid my malong on the sand.  I tried sitting down to read a book but the inquisitive me was itching to explore my newly found secluded beach and so I decided to forego reading and instead walk by the beachfront.

As minutes passed by and the sun seemed to be taking its sweet time setting, I walked farther from where I left Yen, still taking pictures of the sea and the sun...

... and of whatever caught my interest, like these empty sea urchin shells.

These shots are taken when I reached the far right end of the beach.

After taking the above photos and knowing I was on the far right end of Paliton Beach, I took this photo of its beachfront to document how far I'd come from my starting point.

I then walked back to where Yen was and together, we watched the sunrise, alternating between chatting and taking photos.

And as I watched the sun gradually sink, I couldn't help but feel mesmerized by the beauty of Paliton Beach's sunset, the photos of which I will show in my next post.

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