17 February, 2012

Outside Lazi Church

There's an exit to the side of Lazi Church that was near the altar and when I came out, the scorching heat of the sun greeted me.  It was already almost noon and it was thus no wonder these school children decided to cool off by having their lunch underneath the shady trees.

As I passed the children and headed to the main side road, I was afforded a view of the trees in all their glory.

The branches were so encompassing they cover an entire outdoor amphitheatre-like venue that according to Noel the priests would use for their outdoor discussions.  Nice.

As I made my way down the amphitheatre, I noticed the statue of the Virgin Mary which was an imitation of the one in the Grotto of Lourdes.

Farther down, I couldn't help but admire  the beauty of this outdoor amphitheater.

Though as I now look at this picture, I am reminded of tombstones.  Te he.  

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