The Writer

the wanderer in me at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

 A travel enthusiast, I am a twenty-something bookworm who devours books like I do cheesecakes and other sweets -- with great gusto. 

I am a hotelier by profession who have finally learned the virtue of patience in my 5+ years in the travel industry.  And acquire a gloss of feminine sophistication along the way as I used to be a hoyden growing up.

the melancholic and feminine side of me

Melancholic in temperament, I am a daydreamer often lost in my own thoughts, with a perennially youthful take on life.  It always surprises people to know that beneath my serious mien is a goofy child-at-heart who can be very self-deprecating.  

at Central Park in New York, USA

My interests include but are not limited to music, movies, food and the arts.  People and diverse cultures also fascinate me.  A favorite pastime of mine is engaging friends and strangers alike in interesting conversations or just discreetly observing them.

I am often described as an enigma that it is often simpler to not decipher me at all.       

A frustrated writer, I love penning essays and poems and hopes to one day become a travel writer.

The blogger in me has located the "star" of one of my favorite writers.
Photo taken at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.