20 September, 2012

Sunset in Osmeña Peak

I love sunrise and sunsets so I was really looking forward to catching the sunset in Osmeña Peak.  It took long though and we even thought we won't be able to catch it but when I saw the sun peeking among the clouds, I got excited. 

Gradually, a tinge of yellow orange spread among the clouds.  

As time lapsed, the tinge of yellow orange grew darker and the space it occupied grew bigger.

Unfortunately, it became so foggy and rain was threatening to rain down on us and it was also beginning to get dark so we had to leave without seeing the sun fully disappear in the horizon.  

Below is my parting sunset shot.

Sigh.  I bet it would be so pretty when the sun has fully set.  

On the Summit

The above is my favorite shot among my Osmeña Peak photos.  It is a stolen shot of our teenage guide.

Here's another shot of him with his friend who joined us halfway through our trek  Both were so nice and he (our teenage guide) even volunteered to carry my rather heavy backpack and would look back to make sure I wasn't left behind (This is because I was at the end of our line in the group as I took time in taking photos.)

They also became our resident photographers.  To reward him, instead of just giving him Php 50.00 as agreed on at the start of our tour, I gave him Php 150.00 so he can also share part of it to his friend.