19 September, 2012

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak is Cebu's highest point.  

A very important tip:  Before starting your trek, make sure to clarify where you want to be dropped off because there are different starting points.  A trek can take thirty minutes or two hours depending on where you started your climb.

My friends and I initially got lost.  Thank heavens we met a group of children and one of them volunteered to be our guide to Osmena Peak at Php 50.00. 

Along the way, I saw this wild purple flower that has been my favorite since I was a child.  Seeing it brought back poignant memories of me going to Agcawilan with my dad. 

Moving on, we encountered this water buffalo or carabao.  It is by the way our national animal and called kalabaw in our language. 

We also met this shy cow.

We also passed by fields of cabbage and sayote in trellises.

These wild yellow  flowers were also all around the place.

Here's its close-up.

Once, when I was so tired from walking, I stopped dead on my tracks and look back and the view was just amazing:  colorful houses against vivid greenery and a clear blue sky.

And we finally reached the peak.

Sadly, the view when we're fronting the sea is against the light so our photos came out in silhouettes as shown in the recent two photos above.

The view on the other side though was okay.  Looking down, the mountain range looked so much like Chocolate Hills though they are pointed as against the rounded ones of Chocolate Hills.

It was a really breathtaking experience to get close to the sky and watch the beauty of of God's creation.

The sunset was the main reason that we came here but I will make a separate blog post about it.  Here's a teaser photo though.

Unfortunately, we couldn't linger to watch the sun completely disappear on the horizon as fog had settled and it seemed it would rain.

Going down, I chanced on these cute lavender flowers.

These plants also caught my attention.

We also passed by this basket of newly harvested cabbages.

Seeing this cabbage made me think of a giant green rose.

As we were finishing the trek, I found this house surrounded by trees.

And this dog that looked absolutely adorable.

Tips to those who want to climb Osmeña Peak.
  • Better to wear leggings instead of shorts to protect your legs from itchy plants and insects.
  • Wear something light during the climb but do bring a sweater because even if you sweat during the climb up, once you reach the peak, it can get cold.
  • Bring an umbrella and a flashlight in case it rains and dark is already settling while you're still on your trek down.
  • Make sure to get a guide but be sure to not get duped by paying more than Php 50.00.
  • Bring some snacks or candies for sustenance and a bottle of water to quench your thirst.

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