16 September, 2012

Kyleville Resort to Kyleville Extension

So people won't get confused, I will explain that there are two Kylevilles in Dalaguete.  One is Kyleville Resort that is almost across Jossie's Carinderia and the other one is Kyleville Extension that is in Mantalongon and because Osmena Peak is near Mantalongon, we decided to stay there after our climb.

To get to Kyleville extension, Jean arranged for our transfers with the reservations officer of Kyleville Resort.  It was not free though as we were charged Php 350.00.  But they were very accommodating because they let us pass by Dalaguete market to buy supplies before dropping us off to Kyleville Extension.  

Our mode of transportation was this private pick-up that belonged to the owners of both Kyleville properties.  Angel was kidding that during this Sumilon - Oslob and Dalaguete trip, we rode everything from planes (just them as they came from Singapore and Manila and I'm from Cebu), a taxi, a bus, a banca, a tricycle and now a private pick-up.

After buying hotdogs, eggs, corned beef, bottled water and spices and seasoning for our dinner and breakfast, we drove off to Mantalongon.  The drive was pretty laid-back because the view of such lush greenery was soothing to the eyes.

The view of these mountains made me more excited for our Osmena Peak adventure.

The owners of both resorts were so kind that they also allowed us to just drop off our things at Kyleville Extension then bring us to the foot of Osmena Peak.  Unfortunately, there was an ongoing road construction and a big equipment was blocking the road and would take some time before it would be done with its work that our driver politely asked if he could leave us there since he had other errands to do.  We said yes because there were habal-habal (motorcycle) drivers who volunteered to take us there instead.

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