14 September, 2012

Dandelion-like and Passion Fruit-like

After bathing on the basin of the breathtaking Tumalog Falls, we again met Ms. Agony when we walked back to our pick-up point.  This is necessary agony since the climb up and down the entrance to the falls area was so steep that vehicles are not allowed to traverse the road for safety purposes.   

Thankfully, there were interesting plants on the roadside that kept me going.

I don't know what this plant is called but it looked like a dandelion but of course it isn't so I will leave this unnamed.

My most interesting find was this vine that had red and greenish yellow fruits but I also did not know its name and was unsuccessful with my Google search.   The fruits are the same size as passion fruits but I am yet to find passion fruits in red.

Here's a closer shot of the red fruits.  I wonder if these are edible.

Then we finally reached the entrance where our habal-habal drivers were waiting for us.  As the walk or rather, trudge, was very tiring, I ended up buying some drinks for us and hopia in the stall right outside the entrance.

Please note that when we arrived here, my friends and I agreed on the time that the drivers would come back for us.  An ideal time to stay in Tumalog Falls would be at least an hour to a maximum of two.

After our refreshments, we're back on the road going to our accommodations so we could freshen up and head to Dalaguete for our next adventure.

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