16 September, 2012

Lunch at Jossie's Carinderia

When we arrived in Dalaguete, it was already past 1:30 PM so we decided to have lunch first before going to Mantalongon.  

Lunch was at Jossie's Carinderia since our accommodation's restaurant is not yet open.  As we were ordering, we were kidding our British visitor Fiona at how she had not eaten a proper meal since she arrived in the Philippines as yesterday's breakfast were the cookies and sandwiches and Oreo that I brought with me while dinner was that fish we asked Manang to cook in Oslob.  Our breakfast was also from a carinderia and the only "normal" meal she got was our buffet lunch at Bluewater SumilonIsland Resort.  She just laughed and was a good sport about it, especially when Angel explained that the place that we would be dining in was a Turo-Turo or "Point-Point" since to order, one had to point at the food s/he liked in the the display.

Below is my order of pork chop.  Yeah, I know, I had this for breakfast but this was the only pork that I liked in the menu.

I also ordered this.  I am not sure what it's called but it's shellfish meat in coconut milk that reminded me of our cooking back at home.

Total cost of our meal is Php 805.00 for 5 friends and Manong driver.  It also included our drinks and mangoes  and a Selecta Cornetto each for our desserts.  Cheap but yummy.

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