14 September, 2012

Tumalog Waterfalls

Our next stop after our whale shark-watching activity was Tumalog Falls.  To get here, one has to ride a habal-habal (motorcycle), which are readily available as they are just parked right across the registration area for the whale shark-watching.  Cost is pegged at Php 120.00, two-way.  One habal-habal can accommodate a maximum of two persons.  

The falls is about ten to fifteen minutes from our accommodations and whale-shark watching area.  There's this signage to signify that one is already near it.  

We were dropped off at the entrance where we had to pay Php 20.00 per person.

And this is where the hard part begins.

According to my driver and our staff who hailed from Oslob, Tumalog Falls used to be inaccessible so the government carved a roadway out of the mountain.   The latter added that the road just got finished early this year.

Since it was a steep climb, it was very tiring but a view of the falls from where we were was what spurred me into going.

After about fifteen minutes of walking (trudging, more like), we finally reached the foot of the falls and my, was Tumalog Falls a breathtaking beauty!

It was by far the prettiest falls I've ever been to.

What made it prettiest is that the water is just so thin and shimmery it looked like showers of rain.

We were so lucky because when we arrived, there was only a couple present (One of the two caretakers said a group of rowdy Koreans just left.  Hurrah!)  so we had the place all to ourselves.

Here are more shots of this natural wonder.

I initially did not want to go on a dip but the shimmery waterfalls looked so inviting so I ended up swimming, enjoying the feel of the cold sheen of water.

I loved sitting on the nook and crannies of the rocky waterfalls' bottom while showering.   

I was also curious about the green thing-y so I came near it and discovered it was moss.

These bamboo grasses that provided the place with shade also caught my attention.

After swimming on its basin (the water's very cold, mind you!) for about thirty minutes, we decided to leave.  By then, another family had arrived and their kids and teens were a little noisy and playful for us to tolerate.

If you ever go to Oslob, I strongly recommend this place.  It is definitely worth the sweat and effort!

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