23 April, 2009

Cemetery of Negativism

The Cemetery of Negativism is located in Camp John Hay in Baguio and is unlike any other cemetery I've been to for one will not find human remains here, just "frailties" that inhibit a person's growth.

I just find it very interesting to see a “cemetery” like this. But it made me ponder too on what my negativism is. And after much thought, I decided to blog about it HERE.

Truly, each one of us has that infliction, that limiting factor that hampers our growth not just as an individual but as valuable members of our society.

More than a year after I posted my Negativism blog, I think I have made some progress. Still, I wage an ongoing war with some, especially with the parts of me that have something to do with my having tons of pride and stubbornness. What can I say, they make part of who I am. I am a work in progress too thus struggles like this are just part of my journey for a better me.

21 April, 2009

A leisurely walk at Camp John Hay

We woke up early. Or rather, I woke up early as my friends may have had too much to drink the night before or were just tired that I did not feel them stir until nearly 8:00 AM. I just thus stayed in bed, reading the book I brought with me.

When everyone’s already awake, we decided to go for a walk around Camp John Hay. I love the garden of my friend’s neighbor!

And I love these tree shots too.

This one is a shot of a sculpture of an imitation of Our Lady of Liberty. By then, I was so tired of walking that I did not climb up to get a closer shot and instead opted to just use my camera’s zoom.

We had been to the Cemetery of Negativism too, which I will blog about later.

And among the many beautiful resthouses we saw, this one stood out. It was just very pretty!

A random shot taken during this walk is posted below. It's from the restaurant where we later had our lunch in.

It was a relaxing walk, albeit kind of tiring. Or maybe it’s just the old me talking. Ha ha ha!

Drinking the night out in Baguio

We rested a bit then had dinner. Dinner was a delivery from Dencio’s, which consisted of Crispy Pata and Sinigang na Bangus. Yummy!

Afterwards, we decided to have a drink at the gazebo. I really do not drink beer as I hate its smell so I let them drink while I took my time just sipping my own beer. That night, I only had a bottle. Pathetic, huh.

Underneath the starless sky, we exchanged laughs and stories. It was chilly and it felt good to feel the wind’s cold touch on my cheeks. It was my first time ever to be out at night wearing layers and layers of clothing, complete with socks on my feet. It was that cold!

As souvenirs of that night, I took these pictures. Of course I had some silly shots of myself but I’d rather not post them here. Te he!

Wishing for a garden

After having lunch in PNKY Café, we went to Camp John Hay where our friend had a resthouse. It was a very charming resthouse, tastefully decorated and well-maintained. I also loved the flowers in the garden.

These ones are my favorite shots.

I even used these photos for my blogs in Melancholic Memoirs titled shun the sun and sun-kissed.

I love flowers and ornamental plants. At home in the province, I would help my mom look after the garden. And I especially love orchids. I used to collect cacti species too.

Too bad that in Manila, I do not have the luxury of space for a garden. ***Sigh***

14 April, 2009


I've always wanted to go to Baguio City, the Philippines' summer capital, which is also known as the City of Pines. Growing up in the province and only seeing Baguio on television screens and Philippine movies and reading about it in the papers, I have thus, for the longest time, yearned to see this place.

The opportunity came when in December 2007, I was invited to go to Baguio by two of my friends, one of whom was really from Baguio. My other friend was based in Manila and had a car so we did not commute and instead had a relaxing drive in going there. I enjoyed the scenery, especially when we were nearing Baguio. But I wasn't into blogging yet then so I did not take much photos.

We arrived in Baguio at past 2:00 PM, just in time for lunch. My friend decided on where to eat as he'd been to Baguio many times. A seasoned traveler, he always knew the places to go to in most places in the country.

He chose PNKY Cafe, saying that it was one of the best restaurants in all of Baguio for him. Ambiance-wise, the place was quaint and pretty. And their food was great. As I said though, I wasn't into blogging then so I wasn't able to take pictures of my meal or jot down notes of what I ate. Too bad. I do remember ordering some kind of fish fillet though that had Nemo in its menu name (I just did some online research and found out the exact name of what I ate. It's Nemo's Friend and it's pan fried fish fillet with lemon butter sauce. For my online source, click HERE.

I also got fascinated with the water they served. The glass jar was pretty and it had what I believe to be oregano leaves in them. Cool.

Afterwards, my friend and I had some coffee, al fresco, while waiting for our Baguio-based friend to meet us. Their coffee was also good. But of course I, again, was not able to take any pictures.

PNKY is located in 13 Leonard Road, Baguio City, Philippines. You may contact them through (+6374) 446-7094 or (+6374) 444-6418. You can also send them an email through pnky@pldtdsl.net For more information, please click on their official website.

13 April, 2009

"Attach it!"

I had this amusing phone call to perk me up today. It was my first phone call, actually, and it occurred just in time to awaken my senses that had dulled a bit from four relaxed days of just doing nothing during my Holy Week break.
Caller: Ma'am, I just would like to ask if you give contracted rates to travel agencies?

Me: Yes, we do, Sir. Where is your office located?

Caller: In Cubao, Quezon City.

Me: I see. Please send a formal letter of request together with your business permit. For speedier processing, please send a Department of Tourism (DOT) or International Air Transport Association (IATA) accreditation.

Caller: Who will I attach it to, Ma'am?

Me: You mean "address it to?" Please address it to Ms. _____.

Caller: No, I mean attach.

Me: (saying nothing for fear that the call will drag on if I contradict him). Please fax it over to _____. Thank you.
After the call, I grinned. I did try to suppress a giggle and when my boss saw my heaving shoulders, she asked me why I was laughing. I told her and both of us burst out giggling.

Really, you're gonna attach the required documents to my colleague? LOL.

07 April, 2009

Stuck with You

The Hero: Lawyer Ross Bennett who's intelligent and sinfully handsome. He regards Paige Hart as a worthy adversary as she's just as smart, not to mention pretty.

The Heroine: Attractive lawyer Paige Hart who is very family oriented. She had her heart broken when she was in college and had a very bad experience with a divorce attorney thus she regards Ross Bennett as a snake, albeit a very charming yet still lethal one.

The Plot: Paige Hart and Ross Bennett couldn’t stand each other. Lawyers on opposite sides of a divorce case, there was nothing but bad blood between them... until a courthouse bombing threw them together. Exposed to the same rare and little-understood Tibetan Concupiscence Virus, the two archenemies were quarantined for seven days in one hospital room. As if that weren’t bad enough, the virus’s main side effect was to wreak havoc on human hormones. Paige and Ross found themselves irresistibly drawn to one another. Succumbing to their wildest desires, they swore it must be a temporary bug-induced attraction, but even after they parted ways, they couldn’t seem to forget each other. Which begged the question: Had the lustful litigators contracted the disease after all? Or had they been acting under the influence of another fever altogether – the love bug?

My Verdict: This is the first novel by Trish Jensen that I read and I find it very engaging. It's the usual battle of the sexes book but a lot funnier as their verbal exchanges are wittily written and there's palpable chemistry between the two main characters.

Also, aside from the lovable hero and heroine, there are endearing characters like Nick Hart, Paige's brother who has issues to settle with the lovely Rachel, Nick and Paige's doctor. There's the entire amusing Hart clan too whose members include a geeky cousin, a kleptomaniac aunt, a military dad and a very chatty sister who has a very reserved twin.

All in all, this book is one enjoyable read. I enjoyed the author's writing style so much that now I'm looking for more Trish Jensen (who I found out to be a recipient of Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award) novels.

01 April, 2009

Ipanema GB Seeds' Trendier Look

I just love anything that's Ipanema and this summer, Ipanema's Gisele Bundchen (GB) Seeds line got even trendier with its fashionable and sleeker colors.

The “New Thong Fem” is perfect for sophisticated ladies who would like the perfect flip-flops for their summer dresses. It's an updated take on the classic thong-style sandal as it has double straps.

the new Thong Fem in blue grey

the new Thong Fem in brown

the new Thong Fem in lilac silver

The "Plataforma Fem” is perfect for girls who want an extra boost to their height. Its wedged heel will make one not only taller but a little svelter. And despite its chunkiness, it's lightweight (I should know as I own a pair).

the new Plataforma Fem in pink

The “Sand Fem” is feminine sophistication defined. In a sandal, that is. And with its very sexy straps and precisely shaped loops, it's perfect for showing off one's legs.

the new Sand Fem in purple lilac

the new Sand Fem in red gold

The “Thong Fem” combines classic flip-flop design in funky colors of vivid pink and purple that absolutely declare one's bold femininity.

the new Thong Fem in pink

the new Thong Fem in purple

The “Thong Strap Ad” is a fresh variation on your standard flip-flop as it has a unique horizontal strap beneath the classic thong strap.

the new Thong Strap Ad in purple

So whether your definition of a perfect summer is a leisurely walk down the beach, clubbing and chilling out in an island paradise bar, getting active in some sports activity like beach volleyball or getting all comfy and laid-back in your favorite summer destination, Ipanema sure has the flip-flops that will perfectly complement the summer-lovin' gal in you.