01 April, 2009

Ipanema GB Seeds' Trendier Look

I just love anything that's Ipanema and this summer, Ipanema's Gisele Bundchen (GB) Seeds line got even trendier with its fashionable and sleeker colors.

The “New Thong Fem” is perfect for sophisticated ladies who would like the perfect flip-flops for their summer dresses. It's an updated take on the classic thong-style sandal as it has double straps.

the new Thong Fem in blue grey

the new Thong Fem in brown

the new Thong Fem in lilac silver

The "Plataforma Fem” is perfect for girls who want an extra boost to their height. Its wedged heel will make one not only taller but a little svelter. And despite its chunkiness, it's lightweight (I should know as I own a pair).

the new Plataforma Fem in pink

The “Sand Fem” is feminine sophistication defined. In a sandal, that is. And with its very sexy straps and precisely shaped loops, it's perfect for showing off one's legs.

the new Sand Fem in purple lilac

the new Sand Fem in red gold

The “Thong Fem” combines classic flip-flop design in funky colors of vivid pink and purple that absolutely declare one's bold femininity.

the new Thong Fem in pink

the new Thong Fem in purple

The “Thong Strap Ad” is a fresh variation on your standard flip-flop as it has a unique horizontal strap beneath the classic thong strap.

the new Thong Strap Ad in purple

So whether your definition of a perfect summer is a leisurely walk down the beach, clubbing and chilling out in an island paradise bar, getting active in some sports activity like beach volleyball or getting all comfy and laid-back in your favorite summer destination, Ipanema sure has the flip-flops that will perfectly complement the summer-lovin' gal in you.

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