31 March, 2009

The Body Shop Peach Body Butter & Shower Gel

The Product: Limited Edition The Body Shop Peach Body Butter & Peach Shower Gel

Why I bought it: Mainly because I love it's peach-y fragrance. That and the thought that it would make a thoughtful gift for my mom (there's no occasion and I just felt like giving her something).

The Pros: The scent is authentic peach. Also, I have been a fan of its body butter line since college and thus can attest to how it really cares for one's skin.

The cons: I'm the type of person who usually buys an entire product line (point in case, my Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist, Lotion & Shower Gel) thus I find it kind of disappointing that The Body Shop's Peach line doesn't come with a Body Spray (this has always been my issue with The Body Shop as even my favorite Mango Body Butter doesn't come with a fragrance line thus I was forced to partner it with Bath and Body Works Mango Mandarin Spray as its scent comes the closest). Also, it's a limited edition so when you run out of it and would like to buy new supplies, it might not be available in the market.


  1. me too, i prefer buying an entire product line so that the fragrance would stack, resulting to a more powerful scent.. :)

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