17 March, 2009

The Princess of the Sea

These pictures are of a monument in Puerto Princesa, Palawan's baywalk titled "Ang Prinsesa ng Baybay" or The Princess of the Sea. A symbol of the life and culture of Palawe├▒os, this was artfully sculpted by artist Ronel Roces and unveiled in 2007.


  1. wow, thats a beautiful statue. Oh and the location is great as well. so anyway, I just wanted to say hello and I hope you are doing well. I know I don't come on the blog as much as I used to and it sucks but I'm glad you're still here. well, take care.

  2. thanks for the visit, J. i myself haven't blogged in days 'coz I was in Bangkok for 4 days. i just got back yesterday. i hope you're doing fine too. ;)