29 January, 2009

Feisty Miriam

I was watching the news on Umagang Kay Ganda this morning and I overheard Miriam Defensor Santiago give this snappy comment.

Miriam: I won't dignify him by giving a comment. I only respond to people who are higher in the food chain.

Ha ha ha ha ha! I was so amused it actually took my focus off the book I was reading.

27 January, 2009

Swatch Irony Flower Box

I recently got my Sick Leave benefit (sick leaves that were not availed and were instead converted to cash) and so I decided to treat myself.

At first I thought I wanted a new pair of rubber shoes. Or a PSP. Maybe a mobile phone. Then I saw the Swatch Shop in Glorietta Makati and again, I gave in to the impulsive shopper in me.

My choice was the Swatch Irony Flower Box. I love the bluish-greenish-silvery color of its dial. The blossoms on its strap also made the wristwatch very feminine and the crystals on it added to its elegance.

The watch is also water-proof and made of stainless steel. Cool.

And it suits most of my corporate get-up too so even if it put a dent on my wallet, it will be worth every penny as I can maximize its use. Also, I trust the quality of Swatch watches. Besides, it comes with a one year international warranty so I can always have it checked anytime, anywhere.

The Swatch Shop in Glorietta is located on the first level, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City. You may contact them through +632 728 95 73.

Visit http://store.swatch.com/ for more information.

22 January, 2009

Of monkeys and monitor lizards

After our Underground River experience in Palawan, we headed back to where our boat was waiting so we can go to Sabang for lunch. As we were walking along the park's trail, my attention was captured by the animals I saw.

I first saw this monkey hiding beneath a tree. I zoomed in my camera to get this shot. I also wanted another picture but the moment I came closer, he ran away. I wonder if he found me frightening as I found him interesting. Ha ha!

Nearing the entrance of the park that also served as its exit, I saw another monkey who was up a tree so I snapped a photo of it.

As I wanted to take a better shot of the monkey up the tree, I went closer but not too close as to drive him away. I then just adjusted the zoom of my camera.

And zoomed in again for a closer shot...

So intent was I in making a career out of taking the monkey's photo that I did not notice that the place was also swarming with monitor lizards (bayawak) until a guy who was in the same tour shouted at me, "Watch your leg!"

I shifted my focus away from the monkey and looked down and what I saw made me shriek in alarm for only a foot away from where I was standing was a big monitor lizard.

Utterly surprised, I jumped out of my skin, shrieking at the top of my voice. Funny. My friends were embarrassed at my freaking out they decided to abandon me. "Such friends!" I teasingly told them later as they laughingly told me that while I was freaking out, they absolutely had no desire to be associated with "the lady who's prancing around as if scalded." LOL.

But can you blame me? Just look at this huge monitor lizard who looked ready to devour me!

And just look at its tongue. Yikes! Good thing I was able to run away from it just in the nick of time, huh.

19 January, 2009

The bottom part is...

Overheard in an elevator:

Guy: I really couldn't understand our boss... he is pressuring us to come up with sales but people are not really spending their money these days due to the economic crisis. Still he insists... THE BOTTOM PART IS, people are wary of what to come so they'd rather save their money...

THE BOTTOM LINE IS, your boss might not have understood what THE BOTTOM PART means.


16 January, 2009

I'll Be Missing You

Every step I take
Every move I make
Every single day
Every time I pray
I'll be missing you

Click HERE for the complete lyrics.

The first time I heard this song, I was maybe 12. I was struck at how upbeat its lyrics was. In an age when my love was books, hearing this song from my teenage sister's radio made me appreciate music like never before.

I don't have a voice. This truth is something I always have frustrations about. And so I relish just listening to songs. Few songs (or rather, artists as songs can't sing) can make me sing along with them but I'll Be Missing You is and will always be one of those few songs.

If at first it is the melody that struck me, years after, after I have googled this song's lyrics, I came to appreciate it more for it is a poignant song, a fitting tribute to a friend who has passed away.

I heard this song from my Ipod today. And in a day when it's too cold, hearing this is like having a warm blanket to soothe my frayed nerves.

Now I feel better.

12 January, 2009

Shopping at The Body Shop

I love to shop. And I love shopping for products that nourish my body and skin.

The Body Shop is first on my list basically because they offer products that are really effective. True, their products are sometimes more expensive than other brands but one will get her money's worth because the products really work their wonders. Aside from this, they are also against animal testing. The Body Shop also supports community trade and does its share in protecting our planet.

Last Christmas, the shopper in me just couldn't resist on hoarding some Body Shop essentials.

First buy: The Body Shop Vitamin C Plus Time Release Capsule. I love its packaging, with each capsule looking like a citrus fruit itself because of its orange color and shape. The product is an antioxidant that contains vitamin C to boost radiance and protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

I have been a user of this product for a month now and the effect is pretty obvious. My skin felt soft and supple. One friend even commented on my "youthful glow" and kidded I was in love. LOL.

Next buy: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Deep Cleansing Wipes. The product information in its website says this product minimizes breakouts, tones the skin and unclogs pores with a convenient, one-step wipe that sweeps away make-up, impurities and excess oil.

I admit that I am sometimes too lazy to complete my night regimen, especially when I am dead-tired from work or from a night-out. This product is especially helpful since I need not use a make-up remover anymore, a facial wash, a toner and a moisturizer. In one swipe of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Deep Cleansing Wipes, my face feels squeaky clean. The downside is that it is kind of expensive (I think nearly Php400 for 25 wipes).

Then this product caught my eye: The Body Shop Of a Man Eau de Toilette and Of a Man Hair & Body Wash. I thought it would be the perfect gift for my favorite younger brother. Both product have a clean, fresh scent that is citrus-y.

I also love its packaging. The saleslady said that if I am to buy each product separately, it will come out more expensive so buying this 2-in product is a great bargain.

I gave this to my brother as a Christmas gift and upon opening it, I asked him how he finds it. He said he loves the scent. I jokingly told him the scent better be good for the price I paid for it. Te he!

Then there's The Body Shop Rich Plum Body Butter which I bought as a gift to my favorite cousin. I have always been a lover of the Body Shop's body butter products, my favorite being The Body Shop Mango Body Butter.

The plum's scent is too strong for me but my cousin loves such scents so I know she'd love this one.

And my best buy for this shopping spree? Makeup of course which in this case comes in the form of eyeshadow.

The Body Shop Sparkle Eye Palette 01 is a luscious palette of golden, green hues with a twist of bronze. Shades include Golden Sand, Canopy Green, Golden Treasure, Jungle Green and Treasure Chest Bronze.

I love its packaging. It's very compact and will thus fit in any of my bags, even in my totes. The cute diamond-like gem and the elastic black band that secures it are also quite eye-catching.

It also has a mirror and a pull-out drawer with an Eye Shadow Blender Brush for easy on-the-go application.

I have been using this product for a month now and my favorite shades are shades of green as they add the most dramatic color to my eyes. Usually, it's canopy green on my brow bone and jungle green for my eyelids. But if I want to create a barely-there look, I just mix the Golden Sand and Golden Treasure shades.

As I have spent Php5,000+ on this shopping spree, the saleslady said I am entitled to a free gift. Thus I got a Body Shop Canvas Bag. Its color is dark brown and it's a great pair for my jeans-tee-and-flip-flops days.

It's pretty spacious too and I find its The Body Shop keychain cute.

09 January, 2009

The height of being overly fussy is when...

...it suddenly rained and I overheard one girl say to her companion:

Girl: OMG, my mascara is not waterproof!

Whaaat? There I was, fumbling for my umbrella and hoping I won't get wet or worse, sick, and this girl is worried about her mascara?!

02 January, 2009


I was sorting the files in my computer when I came across these pictures taken from the plane on my trip back to Manila last December 2007.

I love the sky. Its blue color is especially appealing to me and cottony clouds always remind me of my childhood and the innocence and purity that come with it.

These are especially lovely, don't you think?