20 March, 2010

McDonald's Singapore

Our second day in Singapore was spent on client meetings. It was such a grueling morning for us because the first two offices that we had been to were about thirty to forty-five minutes away from the hotel and believe me, when the travel time takes that long in Singapore, it’s already considered far. I was so hungry I felt so grateful for the bar of Snickers Jid and I shared in the cab during our ride back to the main city district.

As our first appointment in the afternoon was at 2PM and it was already 12NN and we didn’t know how far our next appointment’s office was, we were in such a hurry to eat. No restaurants were within sight though except for a McDonald’s so we decided to just eat there.

I ordered a McChicken sandwich, with large fries and get this, a large iced Milo. I was surprised since in the Philippines, McDonald’s meals usually come with soft drinks (Coca-Cola products), iced tea or orange juice. It was thus such a treat for me to get Milo for my drinks since it’s my favorite chocolate drink.

It was a fun and filling meal. Jid and I were amused though as we kidded ourselves on our choice of restaurant. Really now, traveling to Singapore and still eating in McDonald’s when it’s also available in the Philippines? Oh well, next time, we would surely be eating anywhere except in a fast food chain while we’re in this bustling city.