11 March, 2009

Kinabuchs Grill & Bar - Palawan

Dinner on our third night was at Kinabuchs Grill & Bar. It was crowded as it was considered the hang-out of Palaweños and was a popular place for tourists, basing from what I read on the net while planning for this trip.

We decided to dine al fresco. Because I was feeling starved as I ate no rice during our lunch in Snake Island, I was so glad to see a lot of choices in their menu.

Their Shanghai rice was good for 3 persons so my friends and I decided to just share it among ourselves. It was delicious I could eat it without any viand at all.

We also had Nilagang Baka for our soup which was served so hot I burned my tongue on my first spoonful of it. Ouch. It was worth it though as it had the right saltiness to it. The meat was also tender and the vegetables blanched just right it was still crunchy.

Their Sizzling Chicken though wasn't to my taste. It was just too spicy I had to eat it with a lot of rice and counter the spiciness with a quick gulp of water or my watermelon shake.

But boy, do I savored each bite of their very delicious Crispy Pata. The skin was crunchy and the meat tender. Yum!

As mentioned earlier, my choice of drink was my favorite shake of all: Watermelon Shake. It was good but not as good as my favorite Plantation Bay Fiji Restaurant's Watermelon Shake.

Wow. That was such a heavy meal! It was by far the most expensive of the meals we've had since we arrived in the island. Nevertheless, it was all worth it.

Kinabuchs Grill and Bar is open starting 4:00 PM and located at 348 Rizal Avenue, Bancao Bancao, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. You may contact their office through (048) 434-5195 and their Bar through (048) 434-5194. Email them at kinabuchs@hotmail.com

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