09 March, 2009

Island Hopping - Palawan

Our third day in Palawan was set to be a fun day of island hopping.

We woke up early. Contrary to our past city tour and Underground River tour where we hired a tour guide to tour us around, this tour was personally organized by us since Jean, who was in Palawan a couple of years back, said it was more convenient. Made sense for why pay a tour guide for an activity where we would just go from one island to another and swim and snorkel? Besides, in this tour, we would have bangkeros (boat men) with us who could address our questions, if we had any.

After eating breakfast in Puerto Pension, we hired a tricycle to take us to the San Jose Public Market. Here, we bought hotdogs, tahong (Asian green mussel) and pusit (squid) to grill for lunch. We also bought some bread to feed the fishes with.

Then we went to Honda Bay to pay for the necessary fees. For like Php500 per person, we already paid for all entrance fees as well as boatmen fees. I realized the wisdom in our decision not to hire a tour guide as they charge as much as Php1,500 per person for an island hopping tour.

Below are the entrance fee rates to various islands.

As we forgot to buy coals for grilling, we bought some here. While Jean and Angel were buying coals, I spent time at the dock taking pictures.

Then we were off island hopping the details of which will be tackled in my next post. Whee!

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