08 October, 2008

City Tour - Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

After Baker’s Hill, we went to Plaza Cuartel and the city’s church.

Plaza Cuartel was where 150 American soldiers were burned alive by the Japanese during World War II, specifically on December 14, 1944. Very few survived and they only lived because they were able to find a passageway that led to the river and to Iwahig. After the war, the remains of the dead were brought to and buried in St. Louis County, Missouri in 1952.

Afterwards, we headed to the church. We went inside and I said my prayers. Later, I took some pics.

And thus was how our city tour of Puerto Princesa commenced.


  1. you have a very interesting career, in tourism! you get to travel and experience all those exotic places! wow! i travel mainly for work and there's no time to do tourist things. i try but sometimes there's no time!!!

  2. hmm... when you travel for work, is it an all-expenses paid trip? if it is, can we swap places? LOL.

    i work in the travel industry as i work in a hotel but my travels are on personal account, palawan tour included. :)

  3. yes official travel so it's an all-expenses paid trip. but i also spend more coz of the shopping esp in duty free ...

  4. that's the job i want. he he! i actually want to be travel writer (writing for lonely planet tops my list).

    in any case, am happy with my current job so it's fine.

  5. hey milai!
    thanx for commenting on my blog. unfortunately, i accidentally deleted your comment about wiener along with all these spam comments from a strange strange source. :-/ i'm so sorry!
    i had a quick browse through your blog and loved the barless entry. simply too funny to not laugh. =)

  6. BEAUTIFUL pictures of the church. I love taking photographs as well.

    as for the comments you've left... thank you ! oh and by the way, i do enjoy my single life:) and no, i don't like lifehouse anymore. their lyrics have changed too much. they aren't very deep anymore in my opinion.