05 October, 2008

Red Eye

This movie is absolutely thrilling. Should I expect less knowing that noted filmmaker Wes Craven directed this movie?

Airport scene. Lisa meets Jackson. They exchange pleasantries and seem to get along fine. Airplane scene. Both are surprised that they are actually on the same flight and their assigned seats are next to each other. Destiny? Is there romance in the air? There seems to be an insinuation of it. That is, until the scene shifts to where Jackson menacingly reveals the real reason why he is onboard: he is an operative in a plot to kill a rich and powerful businessman who is due to check-in in the hotel where Lisa works and she is their key to getting to him. Chillingly, while Jackson is working on Lisa, a hired assassin has been sent to watch on Lisa’s father with orders to kill him if she refuses to cooperate.

Trapped within the plane’s restrictive confines at 30,000 feet, Lisa cannot summon for help without endangering her father, her fellow passengers and of course, her very life. How then, is she supposed to thwart her ruthless captor?

The film exceeded my expectations. I can feel Lisa’s terror as she was stuck in an airplane with a madman. My adrenaline was especially pumping in the airport chase scene as well as the house scene when Lisa battled against Jackson.

Fear takes flight, so the film’s teaser says. Indeed.


  1. You know the funny thing is that when I watched the movie the thought that played in my mind over and over was "Dang! So now I'm not supposed to flirt with the good-looking stranger who is taking the seat next to me"

  2. He he he! I was actually thinking of the same thing. Good thing I never did know how to flirt and never did bother to learn. :P