09 October, 2008

Mental Speed Test

I am bored witless today and sleepy in a way so to perk myself up, I browsed the Net and discovered this site that offers Personality Tests.

Here's my Mental Speed Test results, the screenshot of which is detailed below.

Mental speed refers to how quickly you can process information and make decisions based upon the facts available. Being able to think on your feet is an asset in a wide variety of situations, as even the best laid-out plans do not account for all problems and obstacles we encounter at work or in everyday life. Therefore, the ability to come up with a quick solution can really come in handy! Even if you did not score well on this test, the good news is that mental speed is a skill that can be trained with time and practice.

Accuracy percentage: -------------------------------------> 100

Your accuracy on this test was excellent - you were able to keep your focus throughout the test. With practice you can improve even more, especially if your timing wasn't as good.

Completion time:
You must have had your coffee today, because you finished this test in record time! Combined with a high accuracy rate, this is a good skill to have. Mental speed is an asset in many situations, and definitely puts you at an advantage under circumstances where split second actions or decisions are required.

The results left me astonished. Really?! A hundred percent?! And at record time?!

And I thought I was sleepy.

Now I'm feeling thankful as it made me realize that even when the body is tired or in dire need of sleep, my mind is still functioning normally.

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