13 October, 2008

"Fine a Philippino Pinpal"

Yahoo Answers has long been one of my favorite online hangouts as it is a forum where I get to know a lot from other answerers' insights as well as share my knowledge to others by answering their questions. The place can be a good source of laughs too. Take this question as an example.

How can I fine a female philippino pinpal?
The question really cracked me up. What a funny way to start my Monday morning. Either the asker wasn't too good in typing or he is seriously linguistically-challenged.

Some answers are just as amusing. Read about them HERE. My Yahoo Answers (YA) account is not among the answerers as his question has already been answered, albeit not seriously by some.

If I am going to answer his question, not taking into account the typographical errors, then, my answer will be along these lines:
Why would there be a fine if a Filipino is corresponding with someone overseas? And it's Filipino, for chrissake! I've seen this proper noun being misspelled countless of times and the logic behind it eludes me, especially when there is a Spell Checker (Yahoo Answers does have a Spell Checker) to use. And yeah, how do PINPALS write to each other? By using PINS to write on paper?


  1. ha ha ha funny and sad, too... instead of writing female philippino why not just write Filipina? pinpal? maybe they prick each other with pins ???

  2. Yeah, I was also thinking that maybe, they get to prick each other with pins. LOL.

    Or as I originally suggested, painstakingly write to the "pinpal" using pins (it's like embroidery, with each letter traced by a pin a la connect-the-dots). Ha ha ha!

  3. Thats a funny blog. how ya been kid?

  4. @ j
    hey, i'm no kid. LOL. :P i'm fine. gearing for my trip to singapore next week. what's up?