16 October, 2008

He rides...

A friend’s sister works in a recruitment firm and she told us this funny tale about one of their applicants.

My Friend’s Sister: Are you a WALK-IN applicant?

Applicant: Oh, no. I RODE (a cab).
And the interview went downhill from there.

Seriously, I am one of those wondering about the quality of some graduate students some of our universities and schools produce. Take the applicant above as an example. Worse than misunderstanding a very simple question of his being a WALK-IN applicant, he could not make a sentence with a complete thought. He rode a what? A cab? A jeepney? A bus? a tricycle?

Of course, I very well know that being fluent in the English language should not suffice as a parameter to gauge a person's intelligence or competence but this is a college graduate we're talking about.

Now I wonder about who is to blame in the deteriorating quality of education here in the country...

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