30 September, 2008

Baker's Hill - Palawan

Baker’s Hill started out as just a bakery but when the business became successful, the owner decided to convert the place into a park. Thus, Baker’s Hill is now included in the itinerary for the city tour of Palawan.

After our Mitra Ranch Tour, I was really hungry and it was thus fitting that our next stop had something to do with food. I asked what their specialties were and was told that it was hopia and choco crinkles. I thus bought 4 packs each to give to my friends back in Manila.

Their choco crinkles were really delicious. It was soft and chewy and tasted like chocolate cake. It went well with the vanilla ice cream I bought from there (no dieting here as I went to Palawan to fully enjoy and indulge my every whim, he he!)

I wonder though why they said hopia was one of their specialties. Some did like it but I still prefer Eng Bee Tin’s.

I also liked their munchies. I especially loved their ube munchies (I love anything purple and ube tops my list!). Their choco munchies and cheese munchies were also addicting. And so was their inipit.

Baker’s Hill was like a theme park. It had life-sized fiber glass statues like the ones below.

This one elicited amused giggles from me.

As we walked around the park, I saw some interesting architectural creations. The house of the owner looked like a castle from a fairytale book.

There were interesting plants too, including some bonsai.

But what really made this tour very memorable for me were the animals I saw there. There was a golden pheasant, a Philippine eagle owl and peacocks. Wow.

Baker's Hill is in Mitra Road, Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Its contact number is (044) 433-3414.


  1. hayyy! bakit naman ganon! ang sarap sarap! :) hehehe. uy musta na?

  2. hehe. maganda talaga sa palawan. at masarap at mura pa ang food 'dun. punta ka. may promo yata ang cebu pacific. :)

    okay lang ako. medyo na-busy lately kaya 'di ako naka blog masyado...

  3. food looks so yummy...i've never been to palawan. hopefully i can go visit it in the near future.

  4. aww, i love the castle-looking house. awesome =)

  5. @ carnation
    yup, the food there is really yummy. and palawan is a very charming place. hopefully you can visit it too. soon. :)

  6. @ unwinding cable car
    yep, i love the castle-looking house too. am thinking of building one for me... when i have the funds, that is. lol. :)

  7. been to bakers hill twice in my 3 Day stay in Palawan--u forgot to mention their yummy halo halo --- love their ensaymada

  8. I spent a pleasant couple of hours there last January and saw the peacocks and the pheasant. It was pleasant, if a bit kitschy with all the Walt Disney characters, but it was the kind of place I could imagine walking hand-in-hand with and whispering sweet nothings to one's dearly beloved, and although I was on my own and so couldn't do that, I did meet one of the shop assistants there, Reo, who could have definitely qualified. Perhaps it was just my state of mind at the time, but I may well revisit the place next time I'm back in PP.

    As for the food, well, it was definitely forgettable, but I'm a Brit, not a Filipino. But those plants like minitrees with the bulbous stems - I did spent some time wondering if I could sneak one of them through the customs here. they were so diddy (cute). But I had a lot more travelling to do, so I didn't. But next time ...

  9. hi ask ko lang sana what if 2 lang kami going to palawan. how much kaya ang magagastos nmin for 4 days and 3 nights. hindi na kasama dun airfare. thanks.

  10. i should try this. i love anything w/ ube too!! and hopia :D