16 September, 2008

KFC's Famous Bowl

I’m supposed to be on a diet. I’ve been watching my food intake for two weeks now. But there are some foods that I just can’t say no to.

Yesterday, I was craving for KFC’s Famous Bowl. As their ad says, this has everything that KFC is famous for – their finger-lickin’ good chicken, mashed potato and as a twist, corn kernels and cheese. I just love this one. Mashed potato can be nakakaumay. I don't know the translation of the italicized word in English but nakakaumay is what one feels when the food is too strong to the taste (i.e. when a food is too sweet) that after some servings, one has had enough. With the Famous Bowl though, the umay is taken out by the delicious taste of cheese and buttery corn.

Since I’ve been craving for it, I stopped by KFC last night to buy dinner. There’s no guessing here what I bought from there.

Yup, the famous KFC Famous Bowl. Yum!

a closer look...

KFC’s Famous Bowl is sold for Php50 (snack size) and Php90 (meal size) if ordered a la carte. If one prefers the meal (with drinks), it is at Php60 (snack size) and Php100 (meal size).


  1. hey, it has rice on top? I don't think they have rice here, just cheese! lol. I had one of those for the first time ever last week. I like corn but not corn in my famous bowl. So you're from the phillipines? What's it like out there? oh and random question, how did you find my blog? Thanks for your comments!

  2. No, it does not have rice on top, just cheese and corn bits. I love corn, even in my famous bowl. :)

    Yes, I am from the Philippines. It's a tropical country. I just love it here although it can get too sunny and hot sometimes.

    I love to browse blogs and that is when I came across yours.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. I love those things. mmmmm :)Oh, good luck with the diet, i know how it feels! lol but hey, we can't deny everything we like all the time. one needs a break from being healthy too ;)

    no phone yet :(

    and yes, that is the song, i love it too, but i need to buy that song/cd lol . Take care.