25 September, 2008

Mitra Ranch - Palawan

Mitra Ranch came after our Butterfly Garden tour. This ranch is owned by the late Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra.

The ranch had a great view of Palawan. Its architectural structure and design was also interesting.

The place was pretty popular with Palawe├▒os. When we were there, aside from tourists, there were locals usually lovers either holding hands or cuddling while sitting on the grass or in benches. Tourists kept on snapping photos and these lovers did not seem to mind. Or maybe they were so into each other that they did not notice us. Te he!

I just loved this trellis overlooking Palawan. Pretty.


  1. gosh the place looks so nice! beautiful!

  2. hi milaI! :) thanks for visiting! grabe ang ganda! :) the place is really beautiful! uy i link kita ha ! :)

  3. haller! oo cge! add narin kita hihiih!

  4. @ jules
    yep, the place really is pretty. papagawa nga akong bahay na ganun. bili muna akong property on top of a mountain or something. ha ha ha!

    thanks. :)

  5. @ yuri
    sige po, link din kita. he he he! :)

    salamat din.