13 September, 2008

Crocodile Farm - Palawan

After buying some pasalubongs (keepsakes) for my friends at Iwahig, we went to the Crocodile Farm. I was pretty excited. That is, until I saw the crocodiles for real.

if only crocodiles are as cute as this farm mascot...

Tours are done per batch and we were a couple of minutes late so when we came in, the lady was already doing some explanations with regard to crocodiles. I just took some pics thinking that whatever it is I need to know about crocodiles, I can always look them up the Net. From what pieces of information I heard though, it seemed that the crocodile in the pics below is the largest that they ever had.

There were also bones of a sperm whale displayed on the other side of the room.

The standee beside it reads

Afterwards, we headed outside the building to where crocodiles were. First stop: The Hatchling House.

And that was when my excitement stopped.

Aside from the fact that the pens stunk a little, really, who would want to keep on seeing crocodiles? Unless they had been made into bags, belts and shoes and one's viewing only the finished product, so I heard from a lady who was into the tour we're in. I giggled in amusement but at the back of my mind, I was thinking that animal activists would argue otherwise.

Back to the tour... Baby crocodiles were in bathtubs and arranged according to their size that is why as the tour progressed, the crocodiles that we saw became larger and larger.

Then we went to the pen where adult crocodiles were kept. Yikes!

Right outside the farm was a place where one could have a photo-op with crocs. It's at Php30 per person. Of course, my friends and I did not miss this opportunity so we had our pics taken with a baby crocodile whose snout was tied (I am NOT going to post any of my pictures here though). It was pretty safe to do the photo-op as one was assured that the crocodile wouldn't bite (I pity it though).

A nature park was also within the farm's confines but Ate Alma, our tour guide, said that we would not be touring it since it was too big that touring the entire property would take half a day. Too bad.

I thus just contented myself with looking at ostriches whose pen is located just outside the adult crocodiles' pen. This was the best part of this tour!

There's a pair of Philippine Cockatoo too.

And its label read

Being a certified animal lover (at home, we have a lot of pets - dogs, cats, a pair of rabbit, fishes, chickens, a tortoise, birds and before even white mice!), I would have surely enjoyed a tour around Nature Farm...



  1. thank you for your wonderful pictures here at the croc farm...its really nice to see people like you doing this great job....oppss nature park is not a half day tour it is only 20 to 30 mins your guide is exagerated....thanks again..

    from PWRCC/Croc farm Palawan management.

  2. thank you very much for your wonderful pictures here at the croc farm...its nice to see people like you doing this great job..oppss nature park is not a half day tour it only takes 20 to 30 mins tour..your guide is exaggerated....again thank you very much

    from PWRCC/croc farm Palawan management