12 September, 2008

Wrong Send or Wrong Sent?

The above is a question from Yahoo Answers. Really, our becoming technologically advanced has brought out grammar laggards in some of us. Or is this because some people are now just too lazy to spell each word out?

Here's the complete question.
Wrong send or wrong sent?

I'm deeply bothered.hehe

I use wrong send like "ay, wrong send ako." then i hear people say wrong sent & i'm asking what is up with wrong sent & na-received?

is it or is it not okay to use wrong sent & na-received? & how do i tell a person that it's grammatically incorrect?

hay, teknologi!
Here's my answer.
Both are actually incorrect. Send and sent are verbs. Thus, I say "wrong sending." Here, wrong is used as an adjective to describe the noun (sending).

It is incorrect to say "wrong sent" basically because sent is a verb and it is an adverb, not an adjective that modifies a verb. The correct form therefore is wrongLY sent.

I also use missent.

"Na-received" is also redundant for me. I just use "na-receive" or simply received.

Oh well, I guess the grammar police in me has struck again.

The Yahoo Answers link to this is HERE.

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