22 September, 2008

Can I what?!

Here's a funny phone call I got earlier.
Caller: Hi. I finally got hold of your room rates via e-mail.

Me: And how may I help you, ma'am?

Caller: I was just wondering. How much is your Junior Two Bedroom Suite?

Me: (thinking) I thought she already has the room rates with her?!

Ma'am, it's USD380nett per room per night, inclusive of taxes and service charge.

Caller: I see. Can you compute me, then? I will stay for two (2) nights.

Me: (after doing the computations). Ma'am, it's USD760nett for a two-night stay.
After the guest was done with her reservations and I had recapped her reservation details AND the computation (for the nth time), we bid each other goodbye.

"Phew!" A very relieved me sighed in relief.

"Can you compute me?" Okay, what are your vital statistics so I may total them up? LOL.

I'm not good at numbers. I've never been. They're actually my waterloo and the mere sight of them makes my head spin, especially if they involve algebraic expressions. But to actually encounter someone who cannot seem to "compute (it) herself" boggles my mind. It's mere addition, right?

Oh well.


  1. juz ko ano ba to nakakatawa! hehehe!

  2. grabe hahha. mga kagagahan nang mga ibang callers no hehehe!

  3. @ jules
    hehehe! tawa na lang ako. :P

  4. @ yuri
    sobra. sarap nga minsan mamilosopo kung 'di mo lang iniisip na mawawalan kang trabaho. ha ha ha! :P