18 September, 2008

lusciouslyhot & verysexykittenbabe

I've been dealing with this client for a couple of days already. The reason for this is because our confirmation letter doesn't get to him. Weird. Because every time I send it out, no error messages appear on my end. Always, when I send an email and it bums out, I get something and it's usually "Undeliverable Mail."

So today I decided to call him again to verify if he has received it already. He hasn't so I resolved to just ask him for another email address.

Me: Sir, do you have an an alternate email address? I can't seem to get to you through aishiteruxxxx@__________.com.

Guest: Oh, sure. Send it to... Wait. Lemme spell it out. L-U-S-C....

Me: (thinking) OMG. He's gonna spell out luscious.

Guest: I-O-U-S-L-Y-H-O- and then what sounds like the letter D

Me: (not hearing the last letter very well) I beg your pardon? The last letter is the letter D as in Delta?

Guest: Oh no, T as in Tango.

Me: Oh, okay sir. Let me just recap the information. I will resend the email to lusciouslyhot@__________.com

Guest: Yes.

Me: Noted. Please expect the email before the day ends. Thank you.

When I hang up, I gave an ear-splitting grin. Lusciously hot?!

The guy's gay. Thus the spunky email address. Before I can be misinterpreted for something else, lemme just clarify that I do not have anything against gay people. I even adore them to pieces as most of my gay friends are funny and really very nice. I just can't take the suggestive email address.

The first email address is actually "I love you" in Japanese. It was enough to have me and my colleagues smile in amusement but lusciouslyhot? OMG.

Just imagine how funnier things will be if it is a straight guy who has lusciouslyhot for his email address. LOL.

Which reminds me of an applicant we had. As I was browsing through her contact details, I did a double take. Why? Because her email address was something like verysexykittenbabe@__________.com

Really. Who will take you seriously if you have such a come-hither and utterly unprofessional email address? You are applying for a serious job, for Chrissake, not as a dancer in a club!

So what happened to verysexykittenbabe?

Of course she wasn't hired.


  1. LOL That's an awesome e-mail address! Whats even better is the fact that they put those on formal applications, lol.

  2. Yup. How stupid can one get? I mean, why post such a suggestive email address when s/he very well knows that s/he is applying for a serious job?!


  3. that reminds me, i will sign up for maladiyosang.ganda@gmail.com (LOLs!)