10 September, 2008


There's this amusing phone call that I got earlier.

Me: __________ (name of company), _____ (my name) speaking.
Caller: Good afternoon.
Me: Good afternoon.


Me: Hello?
Caller: Oh, I'm sorry. Where are we calling?

OMG. I did finish the phone call with as much tact and politeness that I could muster but I couldn't help but be amused. How can people call a number then ask what company is it that they are calling?

The lady said she was confused because she had been calling hotels all day. Huh?! Point taken. But if she were only listening and I mean really listening, she would have heard me say my company's name. It's the greeting I gave her, as is standard in my company.

Oh well, maybe the lady was just stressed. Or overworked.

Good thing I'm not. Not today, anyway.

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