19 September, 2008

She stands...

I received this from a friend via SMS this morning.

In a beauty pageant...

Host: What is your STAND on premarital sex?

Beauty Contestant: My gosh! The question is so funny. I do not stand of course. I LIE DOWN. Thank you.
LOL. Whatever happened to BEAUTY & BRAINS?


  1. hello..;p yeah, i just started blogging..my mind is still stuck eh..hehe. thanks for the comment. interesting articles you got here, btw. ;p

  2. hi, thank you for visiting my blog :)

    thanks for the laugh, hehe.

  3. @ ish.poetic
    thanks for dropping by. i love to surf the net and browse through blogs and that's when i came across your blog.

    thanks for the compliment. this is actually my not-so-serious blog. my melancholic blog is the one with personal posts. :)

  4. @ feb
    hehe, you are welcome. thanks for dropping by here. see you around. :)

  5. hi Milai, natawa ako dun sa post mo at lalo na dun sa ung me lusciouslyhot mail add, hehehe...

    Ung sa babe na kitten, fresh grad un no? pagpasensyahan mo na un kase un pa ung mail adds nila nung college pa sila, ganon din sa mga students ko, as in meron pang mga deathnote_naruto, merong darkdevil, etc... tawa lang ako nun nung in-input ko un sa contacts ko, hehe...

  6. @ dops
    salamat po sa pagdaan. he he!

    yup, fresh grad po ang applicant. pero 'di ko pa rin maiwasang matawa. ang una kong yahoo account eh kakaiba rin (charmel_paige) but when i applied for a job, i created a new account that has my complete name para formal at business-like. para 'di dyahe. :)