17 September, 2008

The way I am

...Cuz I love the way you say good morning

And you take me the way I am...

I first heard this song online via Sirens of Song. And boy, was I struck. I love the simple lyrics and the upbeat tempo that immediately after the song finished playing, I googled its lyrics and video.

The lyrics is simple. As is the message - take the person as s/he is. Nothing more or less.

If only we can all love a person the same way...

  • ...then no one will be mocked or discriminated for being different
  • ...then people will be comfortable in their own skins and will not be forced to change to fit in or be accepted
  • ...then there will be no failed expectations and needless disappointments
  • ...then life will ultimately be easier

If only...


  1. Hey you, SO I have no idea who that person is and I was hesitant to even listen to it but man, this song is pretty good. I have to say thae lyrics are great. It's a great mixture of classic love song and contemporary adoration of another. Oh and I'm an OG so the clowns in the video were a plus, lol. BUT! I don't like that girls look. She looks like my ex-best friend and it brought up brief bad memories, lol.

  2. Yeah, the song is really good.

    So you are into clowns. Cool.

    He he. So the girl looks like your ex best friend. LOL. Just listen to the song then and don't watch the video. ;P