05 September, 2008

I love my Nike Backpack!

A couple of weeks back, as I was about to go home, I was only supposed to pass by Glorietta and heed straight home. That changed the moment I saw this really cute blue, red and white Nike backpack. One look and I knew I just had to have it.

i love this!

Prior to my buying this, I had been scouting for a backpack for weeks. My first choice was actually a JanSport backpack but the ones I found were kind of bulky. Also, most JanSport backpacks had only two compartments.

the Nike tag that came with my new backpack

The one I bought was just the perfect size for me. I love its color too – blue, red, white and black. Very easy to pair with my blue or black jeans and most of my tops. I have two pairs of rubber shoes too and one pair of sneakers and their colors are also blue, red, white and black (one pair of rubber shoes has gray for its accent) so the Nike backpack I bought was just perfect!

I love its signature Nike Swoosh

I love backpacks. I have a fascination with them since my elementary years. In high school, while most teen girls preferred handbags and other bags with very feminine accents (think pink or baby blue or lavender with lots of flowers), I opted for backpacks basically because the geek in me could put in there many books as well as various readings.

the Nike Swoosh again

Of course, I had to ditch my backpacks to handbags, clutches, tote bags and other “feminine” and corporate bags the moment I started working.

But hey, I got a new backpack now and with my lugging this around (during weekends and whenever I wanted to feel comfy and sporty in jeans and sneakers), I sure feel like a teen again!

Just do it

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