04 September, 2008

Eternal Flame

This was forwarded to me via YM by my Kuya Carlo and it really made me laugh. I actually had to bite my inner cheeks so I would not burst out laughing in my workstation.

Eternal Flame
The truth behind this song... and who really sang it:

Bulag: Close your eyes...
Pilay: Give me your hand, darling...
Bingi: Do you hear my heart beating?
Bobo: Do you understand?
Manhid: Do you feel the same?
Dukha: Am I only dreaming?
Bumbero: Is this burning.. an eternal flame?!
Pipi: Say my name!
Baliw: Sunshine through the rain...
Kawawa: My whole life... so lonely
Doctor: They'll come and ease the pain...
Madamot: I don't wanna lose this feeling
Wolf: Oohhhh....woooohhhhh

Uuuy kinanta nya..

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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