09 July, 2008

Puerto Pension: Your Home in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Puerto Pension is a very ideal place to stay when in Puerto Princesa because of its location. It is just 20 minutes from the airport and city landmarks, tourist spots and restaurants are very accessible from there.

isn't it very homey?

its garden, albeit small, is lush and beautifully landscaped

The room rates are inclusive of complimentary transfers from the airport to Puerto Pension and back. We arrived too early for the check in time of 12 noon. The lady who greeted us was very hospitable and nice and was willing to take care of our luggage for us while they facilitated the cleaning of our room. She was so gracious that she let me charge my camera's battery at the front desk while we went out for lunch.

Puerto Pension's reception area

there's a souvenir shop in the lobby

Room accommodations
Ours was a deluxe air conditioned room with a queen-sized bed. Since there were the three of us, there's an extra bed which is quite big. The room was tastefully furnished and like the entire pension house, was quaint and charming, with a homey feel to it. It was a bit cramped but it was okay with us since we planned to explore all of Puerto Princesa and would only be there to sleep.

the hallway that leads to our room

the towels set-up on the bed are laden with very pretty flowers

Another thing that I liked about our room was the magnificent view of the sea that it offered. Every morning, I made it a point to watch the sun rose from the horizon and in the afternoon, it gave me joy to watch the earlier blue sky metamorphose into a myriad of vivid colors, the calm sea providing a breathtaking backdrop.

the magnificent view of the sunset from our balcony

The only thing that I did not like about our room was the shower because it was not working properly. It did not have a steady flow but just dripped it felt as if one weren't showering but was caught up in a drizzle. To solve this, we just requested for a pail which was delivered promptly to our room.

Puerto Pension had two restaurants. Because we were out most of the time, we only experienced eating breakfast in their Tribu Roofdeck restaurant. Set breakfast is inclusive in their room rates.

signage for its Tribu Restaurant

I so loved their hot chocolate that in my 3 days there, it's my daily breakfast drink. Their tocino was just the way I like mine done - slightly sweet and soft to chew. Their danggit was also to die for!

hot chocolate that's oh so chocolate-y!

Filipino set breakfast, with my favorite danggit

their very delicious tocino

The staff in general was accommodating and friendly. There were some lapses but then, nothing in this world is perfect.

We booked for a massage the day before our checkout. When we left in the morning, we told the lady at the front desk that we wanted it done at 10:00 in the morning the following day. When we arrived at the pension house after our island hopping and dinner, we approached the night clerk and inquired about our massage. He was quite polite and helpful but he did not know anything about it. Whoa?! Wasn't there a tracer or an endorsement from the lady whom we spoke with in the morning? I myself work in a hotel and in instances when our guests request for anything or want something arranged for them, we put a tracer for the department involved. An example is when a guest requests for drop-off at the airport at 02:00 PM, our Guest Services Officers automatically put a tracer to notify our Bell Service. Anybody who has access to our system can view the said information so even if the guest asks either a telephone operator or housekeeping, our staff knows the details and will be able to assist the guest.

this is our room!

Another lapse transpired when we checked out. The young lady (the same as the one whom we talked to with regard to our request for massage service) was her usual cheery self but she did not know that our room was already paid for for a night. Puerto Pension required us to pay one night deposit else they wouldn't hold the rooms for us. It was thus surprising that the lady did not know about our one night deposit. It's a good thing we carefully checked our bill and we had the bank deposit slip with us otherwise we would have paid more than what was necessary. Again, there's an obvious miscommunication among their staff in this instance. Or maybe it's just that lady.

Over-all experience

Our entire stay was quite pleasant because Puerto Pension was perfect for us. Given that it is just a pension house and thus does not have many facilities and amenities that a usual hotel or resort offers, Puerto Pension in itself is enough for travelers who are not fussy or into such luxuries as a jacuzzi or a bathtub in the bedroom. The place was reasonably priced, the breakfast that came with the room rates was quite sumptuous and the staff were friendly, helpful and accommodating.

Puerto Pension's bar


Puerto Pension's contact details:

a wood sculpture on the way up to the Roofdeck

its garden at night

the Bar at night

Puerto Pension is all lit up at night

I love their 3-layered fountain just outside the lobby

no brown-out. thank the heavens that during our stay, there was indeed no blackout


  1. Hi there! I'm May, i enjoyed reading your blog and loved the pictures!!!. May I ask you some questions? Because I will treat my family for a 4D/3N vacation in PPS on December 17-20,2008 and we are planning to stay at Puerto Pension. My question is, did you pay your reservation thru bank? how did you get confirmation? Thanks!

  2. Hi May. Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, we paid for our reservations through bank transfers (Their bank, as I recall, is RCBC). Insist on paying for a one night deposit to secure your reservations as last August, I had a friend who went there and in July, when she inquired, she said the pension house is already fully booked. The lady whom my friend spoke with, however, gave her one room which she said she has just cancelled due to no guarantee. My friend was thankful and when she asked how to push through with her booking, the lady said no payment is required. My friend and I (after she told me) were really surprised at this lack of policy and guidelines with regard to securing reservations so I told my friend to just pay for a night, just to be safe as she has no guarantee that her reservations will not be cancelled, as what happened to the reservation of one guest (the one that can cancelled so my friend can be booked).

    So just to cover all your bases, just insist on paying a deposit. Also, get the name of the person who confirmed your booking and do bring your receipt with you when you go to Palawan.

    I had been busy lately thus I am yet to post more blogs about our Palawan tour. I'll post them soon. Feel free to drop by. :)