18 June, 2008

Touring Puerto Princesa, Palawan in 4 Days : A Detailed Itinerary

picture taken on my way to the Underground River

The past months were a blur. It had been a very busy first quarter of the year for me that I felt like I needed and deserved a break. And what better way to unwind than to travel?

Palawan had long been in the top spot of my travel-to list. I had actually been to Palawan but only in Coron, an island located at its northern tip. It was just for a school field trip and I remember my friends and I asking Sir Caloy to take a day off our Coron itinerary so we can go to Puerto Princesa but he declined, saying Puerto Princesa was too far from Coron and we would lack the time to fully explore the island.

a picture of a map of Puerto Princesa, taken from the airport

Early this year, my house mate friends and I came out with a travel goal and that is to tour at least two (2) local destinations every year. Travel, after all, is the best teacher, so they say. Of course, Palawan was our topmost destination.

Below is the detailed itinerary of our trip, with the times just an estimate as I was too busy relishing the scenery, the gustatory delights and the entire Puerto Princesa experience to keep track of the time. The said itinerary was done in such a way that we could maximize our stay. And boy, was it really maximized as in 3 nights and 4 days, we experienced the best of Puerto Princesa.

Day 1
09:35 AM
expected arrival at Puerto Princesa Airport

10:00 AM
check-in at Puerto Pension
unpack and rest

12:00 NN
lunch at Haim Chicken Inato
01:30 to 05:30 PM
City Tour
- Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm
- Crocodile Farm
- Butterfly Garden
- Mitra Ranch
- Baker's Hill
- Plaza Cuartel
- Immaculate Concepcion Church

06:00 PM
back to Puerto Pension
rest and prepare for dinner

07:30 PM
dinner at Bilao at Palayok

Day 2
07:00 AM to 12:00 NN
Underground River

12:00 NN to 02:00 PM
Lunch at Sabang Beach

02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour

05:30 PM
snacks at Viet Ville Restaurant

06:30 PM
back to Puerto Pension
rest and prepare for dinner

07:30 PM
Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri
- buy souvenirs
- girl bonding over cups of coffee

dinner at Ka Lui

Day 03
07:00 AM to 08:30
go to San Jose Public Market
- buy seafoods for grilling for our lunch in the island

09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Honda Bay island hopping
- Pandan Island
- Snake Island
- Luli Island

07:00 PM
dinner at Kinabuch

08:30 PM
strolling in the town plaza
Baragatan Festival

Day 4
07:00 AM
morning walk and jogging along the Baywalk

08:30 to 09:30 AM
pack up

10:30 AM
massage in our room

12:00 NN

01:00 PM
lunch at Badjao Seafront Restaurant

02:30 to 03:45 AM
last minute buying of pasalubong at the airport

05:30 AM
arrival in Manila


  1. how much nagastos mo all in all for one person for this trip planning to go to palawan this coming mar16-18

  2. Hi Milai,

    My name is Sudhakar from India and I am visiting Palawan on a holiday with family.

    In your note, I am interested in HondaBay Island Hopping amidst other things. Can you help me know the details required to do this. is there any advance booking that i need to do..if yes, with whom and their contact details.

    Also let me know if there is anything else to be done for this visit in advance.

    thanks once again and await your note.

    best regards
    Hp: +91 98452 11561

  3. Hi, your vacation sounds so fun and full-packed. Did you get these itenerary through a travel agent? How did you guys get to go around? Did you rent a car? Or are there any public transpo when you got there?

    I'm planning to go to Palawan and hope you could give me good tips where to get great deals and have more fun.