09 June, 2008

The Quickie with a Longtime, Indelible Consequences

James Patterson's The Quickie is one entertaining read. It was so gripping that I had to stay all night to finish reading it.

It tells the story of Lauren, a woman with a perfect marriage and a great job. But this perfect world came crashing down on her when she saw her husband with another woman. Hurt, angry and hellbent on getting her revenge, she decided to engage in an affair of her own - a quickie - with a colleague.

Her night of passion, however, became a terrifying nightmare when she saw her husband and her lover on that same night, fighting, really going at each other on the street outside her lover's house. Her lover ended up dead later, his body - the body she saw her husband toss into the backseat of a car - found in a park, beaten to a pulp then shot.

And will wonders never cease? Lauren was actually a cop! When the case of her dead colleague-cum-lover-for-a-day was assigned to her, she was thus confronted with moral dilemmas and conflicts of interest. Would she turn her husband in? Would she muster the courage to come out clean? To what great lengths would she go for the "truth?"

Whatever choice Lauren had, any option left nothing to be desired. The repercussions were dire, her future bleak. For any choice she would make could cost her the career she worked so hard for and loved, her once perfect marriage, even her own life...

Like any Patterson novel, The Quickie had a lot of twists and turns and just when you thought you had it all figured out (and figured out right), Patterson would come up with more surprises up his sleeve.

Thus in reading this book, prepare for the unexpected.

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