04 March, 2009

Viet Ville Restaurant - Palawan

After our Sabang Beach and Mangrove Paddle Boat tours, we headed back to Puerto Princesa City. As Viet Ville Restaurant was along the way, we decided to pass by it for some snacks.

It was said that a Vietnamese Village was established in the 1980s when Vietnamese boat people fled from their country's communist rule and sought refuge in the Philippines. Palawan became one of these refugee camps thus the Viet Ville Restaurant which was a testament of their culture long after most refugees left Palawan.

I liked the restaurant's ambiance. It was simple but interesting. I've never eaten inside a Vietnamese restaurant before so I appreciated seeing all these Vietnamese-inspired architecture.

As I was still reeling from eating a lot during our lunch at Sabang Beach, I just opted to have Goi Cuon (Fresh Lumpia) for my snacks. It was delicious - fried just right and crunchy. Its vegetable filling was also tasty even without dipping it in its accompanying dip of vinegar with onion and orange rind.

For my drinks, I ordered Tra Da Chanh (Ice tea with lemon) which tasted not too sweet. There's a lingering lemon-y taste to it too long after I had taken my sip.

Meanwhile, my friends ordered Pho Bo Kho (Beefstew Noodles) which they said tasted really good. I am not really into noodles and soups so I skipped tasting it. But it did look delicious.

It weirded me out though that they served the noodles with these. I guess I am not just into veggies. LOL.

I also had a taste of their Banh Mi Toi (Garlic French Bread) which was really very tasty.

These dragon fruits also caught my attention. I wanted to buy one but I was still so full and I knew we were going to have dinner later so I just took a picture of it.

Viet Ville Restaurant is located in Kilometer 13, Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City, 5300 Palawan. Contact them through (+63918) 243-7252.

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