06 February, 2009

Sightseeing in Sabang, Palawan

Sabang is an island of Palawan tucked amidst pristine beaches, lush mountains, cliffs and mangals (assemblages of woody plants known as mangroves). The place has a rustic feel to it, reminiscent of the province I grew up in. It is so pristine that there is limited electricity in the area. Surrounded by such beauty, serenity is thus a luxury one can easily achieve.

After our lunch, while other tourists were busy swimming in Sabang Beach, my friends and I opted to have a Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour. On our way there, our eyes feasted on lush greenery and good views of the beach and the sky.

We also passed by Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort which we were told was an affiliate resort of Puerto Pension, the place we were staying in back in Puerto Princesa. I remember hearing from the front desk clerks of Puerto Pension that this is the only resort in the area that has 24-hour electricity as very few establishments and houses own generators which they usually turn off at 6 PM.

My best find on this sightseeing tour though is this flower. I don't know what it's called. I just know it has a pinkish-white variety which I used to pick as a child and put behind my ears. I was actually surprised to see it there and in the wilds nonetheless as I only see this during the summer in school and home gardens.

The trip was all worth it, despite the fact that my legs ached from the long walk. The views were just too lovely!


  1. Wow, all of these sights are beautiful. I want to visit the Philippines one day, possibly on a missions trip. we will see.

  2. Hopefully you can come over here and see for yourself the beauty of the Philippines. :)

  3. hi! Your palawan adventure was so amazing! I'm looking forward to see it with my friends. We will be going there this feb. Ihad been browsing the net for the fees and transpo in going to undergroung river, honday bay, and the city tours. I would gladly appreciate it if you can help me in this? Kindly email to me some detals... By the way, was it a tour package you availed? what agency? kindly email to: jansc_ph@yahoo.com
    Thanks in advance for your great help.

  4. Hi. I am glad that my blog is of help as that's the reason why I posted entries about my travels.

    I will email you in a while on the details that you want.

  5. Hi, I just came back from the Phillipines.
    i also stayed in Sabang for 5 day's @ Mary's Cottages.
    LOVED it, it was so amazing..
    I.m already planning a new trip back to Palawan, because people i met, told me go to El Nido up north. It should be even more amazing and there are also more accomodations as Diving (wich i wanted to do in the first place).
    But Sabang is a very nice place to rest and forget all about technology..
    Me and my friend went there without any agency's no plans, and without any problems.
    The people are so friendly.
    If there's a nice place to grow old, it's certainly Palawan...