12 February, 2009

Sony Ericsson W595

I actually had no plans of buying a new phone. I wanted to since late last year but decided against it as it wasn't practical as I already own two phones - a Sony Ericsson personal phone and a Nokia company phone so I did not see the need to buy a new one. Then my nearly 3 year-old personal phone's scroller got busted. It wasn't doing any scrolling at all so I had no choice but to buy a new one.

So off I went to the mall, without a specific phone model and specs in mind. I was clear about one thing though - the brand has to be Sony Ericsson.

In various shops that I'd been to, the shop attendants showed me different phone models and detailed each of the phone's specs. I explained that I wasn't interested in the specs. Why? Because I don't need music capabilities as I have my iPod Touch for that. Internet connection? Well, the iTouch has that too. And of course, my laptop. As for a camera, I have my trusty Canon digicam.

Then I saw the Sony Ericsson W595 and got smitten. With its blackish-gray color, it looked sleek and dashing but the blue-green color of its keypad and of the trademark W of Sony added a dash of spunk to it. I also liked it at first glance because unlike my previous Sony Ericsson phone, it has no scroller. Relying only on this slide phone's aesthetic appeal and without fully knowing its specs, I bought it.

And I wasn't disappointed.

The moment I got home, I tried its music capability and it was good. I tried using its FM radio too and was surprised to know that it had a built-in speaker. Cool.

Its camera was also of good quality. Below is the picture I took using the phone's 3.2 megapixel camera.

Reading through its manual, I was amazed at its capabilities. I could hardly believe that such a slim and lightweight phone could function as a mobile phone, a camera and a media player. Plus, it has Internet capabilities. For the phone's complete specifications, click HERE.


  1. Ei!!! Congratulations with your phone! That makes you and me SE Buddies =D

  2. Whoa, your phone is also Sony Ericsson? GMTA, insan. :)

  3. Oh no really awesome. Thanks for sharing nice and valuable information on sony ericsson mobiles phone. I read your post and this mobile features are really very good. This mobile is looking so beautiful and really very slim and delicate mobile phone. Again thanks for your information.

  4. I love sony Ericsson's! My first two phones were ericssons but my latest one is an HTC. I love it but i need a new one :(

  5. @ J
    My first 2 phones were Nokia's. Then I shifted to SE. Now I bought another SE phone and am quite happy with it.