20 February, 2009

Ipanema Gisele Bundchen (GB) Seeds Collection Unveiled

As posted in my previous blog about A Blogger's Affair, last night was the unveiling of the new Ipanema Gisele Bundchen (GB) Seeds collection.

Why the Seeds theme? Because from seeds, trees are born and these protect the waters. A single seed can represent the hope of changing a small region, a small country or even the entire world. As most Ipanema lovers would have known by now, Ipanema is not just about fashion. It is also about working for a better environment through conscientious resource management.

If in Brazil, Ipanema is working hand in hand with the SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation for the Florestas do Futuro (Forests of the Future) Program, here in the Philippines, ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation, the country's exclusive distributor of Ipanema flipflops, has teamed up with Haribon Foundation, an environment conservation organization, to conserve the biodiversity of Philippine forests.

True to its theme, this new line of GB's new collection has forest-inspired print on its soles and a metal spiral button gracing the front sandal strap that symbolizes “the seed of life.”

Get ready for Summer. Pamper your feet with Ipanema's latest GB Seeds collection. Don a pair and be empowered as you share in Ipanema's campaign towards a lush Philippines and a greener world.

Ipanema's GB Seeds New Thong Fem in beige gold, brown bronze, grey silver and white.

The Plataforma Fem collection in white gold and brown gold.

The Sand Fem collection in brown gold, green and white gold.

GB Seeds Thong Fem in brown bronze, red gold and white.

And the Thong Strap in brown bronze and white.

Ipanema GB Seeds Collection for women are available in SM Department Store, Shoe Salon, Chocolate Clothing Company, Red Alert, Landmark, Freeway, Planet Sports, Crossings, Brent and Chloe in Pampanga, Stand and Stride in Cabanatuan, Chimes Davao, 25th Avenue Square Naga, Basix Bacolod and in most boutiques nationwide. For the complete list, log on to www.ipanemaphils.com


  1. Hello Milai,

    You didn't mention you won the Ipanema Flip flops with Gisele Bundchen signature on it..LOL.. lucky girl!



  2. i will. i just took photos of it. this is just like a prologue. he he he! i will blog about the event later. then a separate blog about the freebies we had. what can i say, we're from the lucky table. ha ha ha! :P