23 February, 2009

My Gisele Bundchen-signed Ipanema GB Seeds Flipflops!

This is my cherished pair of Ipanema GB Seeds New Thong Fem in White signed by one of the world's loveliest faces, supermodel Gisele Bundchen. I won this from a raffle in the recently concluded Ipanema's A Blogger's Affair.

Brazilian Miss Gisele is the world's richest model and is the face of more than 20 international brands. Her beautiful face has also graced countless magazine covers all over the globe.

Aside from her beauty, Gisele is also a renowned philanthropist who supports a number of charities and humanitarian causes. Among these are the I Am African Campaign, American Express Red Card and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. For more information about her, click HERE or log on to her official website http://www.giselebundchen.com.br/gisele_home.asp.

Gisele has been in collaboration with Ipanema since 2002 and this year, her new GB Seeds collection aims to raise funds for the Forests of the Future (Florestas do Futuro) project that reforests the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

Below are two pictures of the beautiful Gisele Bundchen signing some GB Seeds flipflops. And boy, do I feel really very lucky to have one rare pair of these!

Many thanks to Mr. J. Elizalde, Chairman of ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation, the country's exclusive distributor of Ipanema flipflops for sending me the above photos. Thank you!

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