19 February, 2009

Sabang Beach with an Overcast Sky as its Backdrop

As it rained right after our Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour, the sky was overcast when we returned to Sabang Beach. Walking by the seashore, I couldn't help but be drawn to these beautiful sceneries.

The one below is my second most favorite photo in this batch. Seeing it, I couldn't help but associate it with sadness. There's something haunting about a solitary boat in the seashore, with the gray sky as its backdrop.

solitary sadness

These two are my top favorites. I love how the branches seem to be reaching out to where the water and the sky meet.


  1. hello you're coming to bangkok? when? email me

  2. i'll be in bangkok in march. maybe the 19th till the 22nd. i'll keep you posted. thanks. ;)

  3. i love the pictures..
    anyway thanks for
    leavin' yer comment on my last post..
    yeah, u may follow my blog..
    if its worth following, that is..
    take care and keep blogging