16 February, 2009

An Invite to Ipanema's A Blogger's Night

I received this invite last week, on the very same day I posted my Ipanema G2B - Solar flipflops blog. It's for the unveiling of the new Ipanema Gisele Bundchen collection. Being an avid collector of the said brand, I signified my desire to join the said event which will be this coming Thursday, the 19th.

I wonder what her new collection's theme is. Maybe it has something to do with nature, basing on the poster invite I got which I love, by the way. Ipanema always comes out with great print ads, especially the ones that have Gisele in them. Who can forget that ad where only water tastefully covers her body? Now it's vines and leaves. Cool.

I just cannot wait! I can hear my wallet groaning though as it anticipates to again be victimized by the compulsive shopper in me. Te he!

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