22 February, 2009

Freebies from Ipanema's A Blogger's Night

my name tag!

Upon registration at the lobby during Ipanema's A Blogger's Night, a loot bag containing a complete information kit was given to each blogger. After I have taken my seat, further scrutiny of it revealed some brochures, a CD, as well as a write-up for their upcoming event in March that I will blog about later.

I love their loot bag, with its snaking leaves!

Inside the bag too was a gift certificate (GC) that we can exchange for a pair of the latest Ipanema Gisele Bundchen (GB) Seeds collection. Miss Cecille of M2.0 Communications, the event's organizer and Miss Millet of ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation, Ipanema's exclusive distributor in the country, said I could use the GC that night or later claim my pair at The Shoe Salon as this line wouldn't be available in the market until March. I decided on the former.

I chose Ipanema's GB Seeds Plataforma in brown gold as at first glance, I fell in love with its color and the fact that it wasn't unlike my other flipflops that are all simply flat. This one was chunky and would thus benefit those who are petite in stature. My reason for choosing it though was more on aesthetics than its height booster as at 5'5, I am considered tall for a Filipina. I liked its straps too. Given its chunkiness, it was thus a surprise to find out that it felt lightweight. It was no surprise though that like all Ipanema flipflops, this was as heavenly soft.

As mentioned too in my previous blog about the said event, a raffle was also held where lucky bloggers won flipflops from the recently unveiled collection as well as Haribon shirts.

Someone from our table was among the first one to be called. Then another blogger from the same table won a pair of flipflops that we kidded that ours was the "lucky table." The thought was still in my mind when I heard my name called. Whoa!

I got a pair of Ipanema's GB Seeds New Thong Fem in brown bronze. It looked lovely. There's the cute metal spiral button that symbolized the "seed of life" and the double straps that added to its allure.

the "seed of life" up close

I loved its packaging too. Aren't the pockets adorable? It came with some gardening tools too to encourage bloggers to plant for our future. Neat!

At size 7, the New Thong Fem was too small for me so I"m thinking of giving it to a friend. I'm keeping the lovely bag that came with it though. He he he! And the tools of course which I just noticed when I got home were down to only two (there were three). I must have lost them in the cab. ***Sigh***

In our table of eight, six of us won the raffle. Lucky table indeed.

To cap the event, it was announced that a pair of Ipanema GB Seeds flipflops signed by the beautiful Miss Gisele Bundchen herself would be raffled off. Mr. Francisco Elizalde, Chairman of ELRO, decided to include all previously drawn winners. Wasn't that very nice of him?

I waited with bated breath, thinking just how lucky the winner would be when sudenly, I heard Mr. Elizalde say my name. Incredible! I must have looked funny when I claimed my prize as I could feel my face splitting into a very wide grin.

That night was indeed a blogger's night as all of us went home with a pair of the latest in Ipanema's GB Seeds collection. Some were lucky to bring home 2 pairs as they won another pair during the raffle draw.

my three new pairs of Ipanema's GB Seeds collection!

As for myself, I felt luckier, as if the night was especially for me as I have just gotten a pair of Ipanema's GB Seeds flipflops signed by the very supermodel who made this line hers.


  1. So cool those shoes. Amazing..now if it were warm enough for something like that. Think spring!

    beautiful post.

  2. Hi. Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment.

    The Philippines is a tropical country so Ipanema's flipflops are perfect for strolling. :)