21 February, 2009

Ipanema's A Blogger's Night

I arrived early, maybe at around 6:20 PM but the event did not start until past 8:00 PM. To kill time, as always, I took some pics.

Isn't the banquet set-up lovely? And the table centerpiece even lovelier?

Dinner was served at around 7:20. It was a buffet dinner and the selection was pretty extensive. The food was scrumptious and great. There are desserts too. I tasted the chocolate mousse and cheesecake and both were heavenly!

The program proper started at past 8:30. Mr. Francisco Elizalde, Chairman of ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Ipanema in the country, gave the opening remarks where he stated Ipanema's worthwhile project of forest conservation, the very reason why this Gisele Bundchen (GB) Seeds line is being launched.

Ballet Philippines then delivered a captivating performance featuring the latest in Ipanema's GB Seeds line. It was a riveting performance. I loved their costume and the lights were spellbinding. It was a wonder to behold the stage turn into riotous shades of red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple. My pictures are kind of blurry though as the dancers moved so fast but still with grace. At the start of the show, the emcee also politely asked all guests to refrain from taking photos using flash as it might affect the lighting and this also attributed to some of my hazy shots.

For all my photos for this event, click HERE.

After the show, the graceful dancers had their pictures taken.

And of course, there's a raffle where more than half a dozen pairs of Ipanema's latest GB Seeds collection and Haribon Foundation (ELRO's partner in its campaign for a lush Philippines) shirts were given. A special pair of Ipanema flipflops from the same collection signed by the lovely Miss Gisele was also raffled out but I'll blog about all these in my next posts.

Meanwhile, my sincerest thanks to Miss Cecille of M2.0 Communications, the event's organizer, for the invite as well as to Miss Millet of ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation for being accommodating to me. Both chatted me up while waiting for the event to start so I did not feel left out, given that I came alone and knew no one. Kudos too to both of you and your team for coming up with such a fantastic unveiling. We all had a grand time!

And to all my newfound blogger friends, thank you! I really enjoyed your company!

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