30 March, 2009

My Golla Mobile Bag

Last month, I blogged about my new Sony Ericsson W595 mobile phone. As the phone did not come with a casing, I had to look for one for it.

I am admittedly very picky when it comes to buying stuff, especially when it is for something that I consider to be an investment or a necessity. Thus, it took me while to find the perfect casing for my phone.

I chanced upon this adorable Golla Mobile bag in Glorietta and the moment I saw it, I deemed it perfect not just in size but in design as well. It's black so it wouldn't get dirty easily. And despite the serious black color, its flower design gave it a touch of femininity and elegance.

The pink inside lining was also an indicator that it's a femme bag.

Also, aside from the main phone casing, it had two more pockets which was quite handy as in one pocket, I could put the earphones of my mobile phone and on the second pocket, I could put coins or receipts.

By the way, Golla is not just about mobile bags. They also have laptop bags and sleeves that come in funky designs and colors. I'm actually thinking of buying one for Shimmer, my beloved laptop.

For more information about Golla products, you may visit their official website at http://www.golla.fi/.

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