11 March, 2009

Starfish & Luli Islands - Palawan

We spent almost half the day in Snake Island that we weren't able to go to other islands. We weren't disappointed though for when we asked our boatmen, they said these islands looked just like any other islands but among them all, Snake Island boasted of really good corals.

On our way back to Honda Bay though, our boatmen pointed these two islands out. They even asked if we wanted to stop awhile but we were so tired we said no.

Starfish Island is called Starfish Island because yes, there are many starfishes here.

Meanwhile, Luli is taken from the first syllables of the words lulubog / lilitaw (appearing / disappearing). It is named such because during the low tide, the island would appear but during the high tide, it would disappear, Cool huh.

The pictures, by the way, were taken by zooming in my camera at them.

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