10 March, 2009

Snake Island - Palawan

After spending like only thirty (30) minutes in Pandan Island, we headed to the next island.

Snake Island was indeed very pretty. The water was clear and the sky a vivid blue. It had huts too where tourists could stay.

The island was kind of crowded though. No wonder as for one, it had no entrance fee for locals and tourists alike. That and the fact that the corals here were magnificent. Too bad my friends and I had no underwater camera to record our underwater experience.

After spending a couple of hours snorkeling, we had lunch. Lunch consisted of grilled hotdogs, tahong (Asian green mussel) and pusit (squid). Yummy!

After resting a bit, Jean and Angel went back to snorkeling while I opted to just stay in the hut accompanied by my trusty iPod. Later, I decided to walk around.

Under the sweltering heat of the sun, I took pictures.

And while knee-deep in the waters, I saw this huge starfish. Wow.

I also love these pictures I took of the sky and the sea.

I also played in the sand, doodling whatever came to mind.

Just a trivia. I was told the reason the island was called Snake Island was because of its long snaking stretch of sand. Thank God or I'd have second thoughts setting foot on it for fear a snake would suddenly make its appearance.

About fifty meters from where tourists were swimming, I saw this dog wading in the waters. Cute. Some might get freaked out, maybe even grossed out in seeing a dog wading in the waters but I wasn't. You see, it reminded me of my childhood when my family and I used to bring our dog with us during beach outings and we'd let him swim and play with us.

Some tips to those who want to come here:
  • Bring sunblock. It's a necessity.
  • If you have your own snorkel set, bring them to avoid paying Php100 rental fee. And yeah, for hygienic purposes too as why use something that countless others have already used?
  • When snorkeling or swimming, avoid territorial fishes especially the ones with vivid pink streaked in its body. I got bitten by one just because I stepped on its coral. Ouch!
  • Bring lots and lots of bread to feed the fishes with. We ran out of bread so we bought from the sari-sari store in the island and the price of Skyflakes made my head spin (it's sold at Php10 when it is just sold at Php2 in Manila, even in my province of Aklan).
  • Try the Halo-Halo that Manang sells. It's sold at Php50 and is really good. A real summer treat (too bad I wasn't able to get a pic of it).
  • Bring your own bottled water as it's expensive to buy it there.

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