27 March, 2009

Badjao Seafront Restaurant - Palawan

After we had our morning walk in Puerto Princesa's Baywalk, we went back to Puerto Pension for breakfast. We then spent the entire day just resting in the room while watching TV and packing our stuff. Later, we had a massage which was the perfect treat after our 3-day tour of the island.

We checked out at 12:00 noon and left our luggage with the front desk. Then we flagged a tricycle that will take us to Badjao Seafront. This restaurant is very popular among locals. In fact, this was recommended to us by half a dozen people. Save the best for last, huh? As that was our last day in the island.

The place indeed had the ambiance. It was built on stilts and to get to the main restaurant, one had to cross a bridge with colorful swags in its posts.

Inside, the place was also tastefully done. It also overlooked a swamp.

I ordered their kare-kare which was really very delicious. The sauce was rich, the meat tender and the vegetables cooked just right. At Php225 (plus 10% service charge), it was worth it as aside from it being delicious, it was also good for sharing.

For my drinks, I had their buko (young coconut) juice. Its juice wasn't as sweet though as the buko juice I had in Sabang Beach.

My friends ordered these. They let me taste them and they were also good.

Among the many restaurants that we had been to in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, this was so far the best. It had all - good food that's reasonably priced, great ambiance and quality service.

On our way out, we even saw this photograph that touted Badjao Seafront as the only place in Puerto Princesa visited by His Royal Highness, Prince Albert, the Prince of York.

And oh, before I forget, a tip to those who are interested in going here. There are two (2) Badjao restaurants in Puerto Princesa (the other one is located just within the city proper) so ask to be dropped off in the one that's fronting the sea (as the restaurant name suggests but it wasn't really a sea, just a mangrove swamp). Also, it's better if you ask the tricycle driver to wait for you as the place is off the beaten track).

Badjao Seafront is located at Abueg Road, Puerto Princesa City. You may contact them through (048) 433-9912.


  1. i've been reading your palawan posts and the place looks stunning. we're planning to go this year, i really wish it pushes through.

  2. The place is indeed nice. I hope your trip this year will push through. ;)

  3. is dinner the best time to visit or lunch would be better?

  4. Hi May. I suggest you go there for lunch, as the place is kind of far-flung. You might have difficulties in getting back to the city proper if you're going to go there at night and you will just be commuting.

    A good restaurant to go to at night is Ka Lui. It's just within the city proper. You may consider other restaurants in the city too like Bilao at Palayok. Most restaurants in Puerto Princesa are located along Rizal Avenue. You may check out my other Palawan blogs for more details.